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Fatigue Risk Management training

This training is legally mandated in the aviation industry from February 2016. Each AOC holder within the European Union shall provide initial and recurrent fatigue management training to crew members, personnel responsible for preparation and maintenance of crew rosters and management personnel concerned.

Course objective

The Fatigue Risk Management  course  aims to provide the knowledge and skills to help the participants to adopt appropriate fatigue risk management strategies in accordance with ORO.FTL.250 (Commission Regulation (EU) No 83/2014)

Main subjects

  • requirements for flight, duty and rest
  • the basics of fatigue
  • the causes of fatigue
  • the effect of fatigue on performance
  • fatigue countermeasures
  • the influence of lifestyle
  • sleep disorders and possible treatments
  • effect of long range operations and heavy short range schedules on individuals
  • effects of operating through and within multiple time zones
  • shared responsibility employee/employer,  including work schedule design as a countermeasure to fatigue


4 hours

Target group:

  • planning staff;
  • crewmembers and other employees who work in shifts ;
  • safety managers ;
  • authorities/regulators.


All participants that have completed the FRM Training will receive a FRM Training Certificate.


In company


EASA OPS Training

The EASA OPS training focuses on Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operators to gain understanding of the new European directives regarding flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements for flight- and cabin crew, applicable from February 18th. The following topics will be covered during this course :

  • Explanation how to comply with Commission Regulation (EU) No 83/2014.
  • An overview of the changes from EU-OPS Sub Part Q requirements to the new EASA OPS Regulation.

Target group:

  • crew planners and management;
  • crewmembers;
  • safety managers.


In company


Customised training/workshop

Qualiteit Consultancy develops and provides on request customised training concerning work and rest requirements.