Shiftwork can have a significant impact on the performance of an employee. This effect is mainly associated with the distortions that may occur in the ” biological clock ” of the human body , which is built on daytime functioning . Shift work can throw our normal patterns out of whack and take a toll on physical and mental health. Examples are the reduction of alertness , attention , vigilance, cognitive functions and an increase in fatigue.

Fatigue within an organisation impacts not only on safety but also affects the productivity, absenteeism and employee satisfaction .

Qualiteit Consultancy can help organisations to manage fatigue effectively by implementing a Fatigue Risk Management System.

This is a data – driven system , which identifies safety risks, provides insight into the causes of fatigue and enables a continuous improvement process , based on scientific principles and operational experience.

The need for a Fatigue Risk Management System is increasingly recognized within Europe and is already partially included in the Aviation Industry as a mandatory element in European legislation (Basic Regulation EC 216/2008, Annex IV, 8.f).

Also in the following industries safety, productivity, absenteeism and employee satisfaction can be improved by implementing a Fatigue Risk Management System:


  • ground transport ;
  • industrial workers ;
  • health care and welfare sector ;
  • security ;
  • fire fighting ;
  • emergency workers ;
  • police .


Qualiteit Consultancy can support the complete implementation process of a Fatigue Risk Management System, including project management.

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